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Where Do Whales Live?

The next in our Dreams for Green collection! We think the animation beautifully captures what this poem is about, what do you think? 🐳🌊


Poem written by Rachael Astall

Read by Betel Tsehay, Kathleen Price, Leonora Nicholson, James Horne, Elyse Hall and Ellie Mead.

Sound design by Luca Scozzi

And the fantastic video and animation design by Katie Loughrin

The artwork uses recycled materials to create a collage, drawing out the theme of the poem about how the climate crisis endangers many species, including whales. ⁠It was made by the wonderful @alimakesit, feind her other amazing work on Instagram.

⁠Find some other ways to live sustainable here:

Sustainable Fashion

Shopping Small

Sustainable food

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