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Dreams for Green: Shop Small

In preparation for UnHeard’s new collection - Dreams for Green - we have been on the look out for the benefits of living sustainably, to make our dreaming a reality! With ideas from project producers and the UnHeard audience, we’ve collated these into one list:

Reasons to shop small:

  • Positive impact - Nothing can quite beat the excitement we small businesses get when we receive an order. It really means something and has such a direct impact on us and on our ventures, which stem from personal passions and heartfelt desires to turn our hobbies and skills into stable sources of income. By shopping from small businesses the positive impact you make is immense!

  • Memorable experience - Shopping is so often about the experience we have and small businesses offer a much more personal touch than most mass produced high street brands. Whether it be a friendly chat in their shop about where your products have come from and how they are made, or simply above and beyond customer service, small businesses have so much potential to offer memorable shopping experiences.

  • Supporting diversity - Small businesses often hire from the demographic of the local community which achieves wider diversity in employees, supporting those who have historically had less access to opportunity. In addition, small businesses also tend to stock products made by a more varied selection of makers from a wider range of backgrounds or represent diversification themselves.

  • Community spirit - Small businesses are the wonderful people who sponsor the local school's and communities for projects and community improvement. By shopping from small businesses you are not only saying a massive thank you, but are helping to support the community by keeping these businesses alive and nourishing these vital relationships.

  • Sustainability - Large manufacturers make such a large quantity of products, churning out item after item, only for much of it to end up unwanted and in landfill. Small businesses often work on a make-to-order basis or work with much smaller quantities of stock. Because of this, the waste is much less and even without the extra measures many use to be actively sustainable, by nature, smaller businesses are more eco-friendly and kinder to the planet.

Small businesses to follow:

@bydorafurn : artwork, prints and posters

@_looce_ : prints, mugs, pots

@jclaythreads : abstract handmade embroidery

@raysofhope_ : suncatchers, earrings

@hornemade : lino prints and cards

@hagstone_sprites : personalised gifts and trinkets

@poti_pots : handmade plant pots

@barnetsandbows : personalised bows

@crafteclare : greeting cards for all occasions

@warrior.alexandrarosie : citrus earrings, cosmetics and art

@prickleandstitch : handmade baby and children's boutique

@alicebstitched : crocheted earrings, clothing and toys

@ninabrabbins : badges, broaches and bowls from recycled materials

@coffeepodcreations : create products using coffee pods

We hope this has been helpful for you on your own sustainable journey! Leave any of your favourite small businesses in the comments, and we will add them to the post! Also, keep an eye out for our climate inspired collection, Dreams for Green, arriving in April 2021.

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