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Dreams for Green: Sustainable Fashion

In preparation for UnHeard’s new collection - Dreams for Green - we have been on the look out for tips on how to live sustainably, to make our dreaming a reality! With ideas from project producers and the UnHeard audience, we’ve collated these tips into one list:

Clothing Shopping:

  1. Think about what you are buying - how much are you going to wear it? How durable is the fabric? Is it worth it?

  2. Use charity shops! While in lockdown, Oxfam still have their online shop open.

  3. The most sustainable wardrobe is the wardrobe you already have. What have you already got that could be restyled and given a new lease of life?

  4. Buy from smaller clothing businesses, they often produce clothing with a much lower carbon footprint than bigger brands.

  5. Be careful of 'greenwashing' in larger brands - just because they claim their top is made of recycled materials doesn't mean it has been made ethically or to target their climate impact.

  6. Fill your wardrobe with clothes you love and can wear for a long time, mixing and matching - this doesn't mean they have to be minimalist and beige, only that you consider them staples for your style!

Looking after clothing:

  1. Swap and borrow clothes from friends (and family, but ask first!)

  2. Repair rips and tears in clothing - either yourself or by enlisting the help of an alterations and repair shop (often dry cleaners double up on this!)

  3. Follow washing instructions carefully and look after your clothes. This helps them last longer.

  4. Recycle, reuse and donate clothing that has been worn out or grown out of.

Follower tips:

  1. Repair and rewear

  2. Painting designs on old clothes to give them a makeover instead of throwing them out

  3. If tops are beyond repair, cut them and use them as cloth/rags for home use

  4. Shop locally! Homemade or patched up. Unique and sustainable

  5. Buy clothing from second hand shops! Charity shops, vintage stores, depop, vinted etc

  6. Trade clothes with a mate, easy,free and you can try to be another version of yourself with 0 commitment

Sustainable fashion accounts:













Sustainable clothing brands:









We hope this has been helpful for you on your own sustainable journey! Leave any tips you have in the comments, and we will add them to the post! Also, keep an eye out for our climate inspired collection, Dreams for Green, arriving in April 2021.

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