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Our Story

Unheard was founded in 2018 by Leonora Nicholson and released its first poetry album in 2019.


Since then we have strived to bring hidden talent to the surface, sharing the work of those whose voices have not yet been heard.


Our goal is to work within communities who are not heard, using poetry as a way to give them voice.

Since its beginnings Unheard has grown in following and has formed collaborations with over 100 creatives!

We are ever expanding and proud to be working with people from all over the world.


We want to bring poetry back to the people. We believe that anyone can be a poet or artist and that poetry can be used to help, heal and hear each other. Everyone can write and

no-one should be unheard. 

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Our Values

As a collective which supports unheard and marginalised groups we are dedicated to uplifting voices and stories that are otherwise unseen, under-represented and unsupported. We take this responsibility seriously and try to be a space where all voices are heard, if you ever feel that the space we create is not safe or could be improved we would love to hear from you, find out more on our contact page. 

If we feel that the spaces we create are becoming unsafe and unwelcoming we will act on this in whatever way we feel is necessary. As Our priority is allowing space to listen and respect each other, if ever this is not the case we will deal with it however we see fit. 


Meet The Unheard Team...

Creative Associate
E-J helps with creative aspects of Unheard.
"I love Unheard for the way it connects creatives from all over the world. My feel good movie is definitely Moana!"


Leo is the founder and wonder who brought Unheard to fruition and saw it through the early days before broadening the team and growing this wonderful project to reach more every week.
"I think unheard showcases how much creativity we all have in us, which I love celebrating! My go to comfort movie is Back to the Future, 1,2 or 3- I love them all!" 



Jas has recently co-produced the BLM project, Historically Unheard and has contributed poems and artwork!

"I love unheard because it's bringing different people together; the idea sharing and the webs of creativity that stem from one tiny idea is really refreshing and exciting to be a part of/witness! 
My go to karaoke song is "Put Your Records On" by  Corinne Bailey Rae
and my alter ego is Storm (Ororo Munroe)."

Katie has co-produced 2020's pandemic poetry, one and two, the reverse project, Historically Unheard and is one of the fantastic producers of our podcasts through lockdown. She helps out in all sorts of wonderful ways! 

Sam has co-produced the Pride and Protest project and co-hosts our take a break workshops.
"I love Unheard because it's about collaboration, community and celebrating creativity of all kinds (I'm also a fan of alliteration, clearly). My favourite season is Autumn and my feel-good film is Clueless." 

Media Advisor
Helen is a wonderful mentor for Unheard and manages our twitter account! 

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WhatsApp Image 2021-03-23 at



Rebekah is one of our producers and produced Dreams for Green. 

"I love being able to use so many different creative formats to respond to poetry and especially how that helps other people to engage with it! My karaoke song is always 'Take a Chance by ABBA' and a fave line of a poem is "if you...if you shiver...when a poet says poetry is for you, it's for you. It's for you." From take this pen by Tony Walsh"



Gemma is one of our producers and produced Dreams for Green. 

"I have followed unheard from the beginning and I have loved watching it grow and create such wonderful collaborations.

I love being by the sea and my feel good movie is the boat that rocked."

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Our Collaborators

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Post Pieces


PostPieces is a campaign exploring mental health through art.

They collaborate with artists across a range of disciplines, and run workshops to encourage art as a means of self expression, and as a coping mechanism for when someone mightn’t be feeling their best.

Their ambition is to prevent people from reaching a crisis point, which they often need to be at to qualify for medical or therapeutic intervention. They also work to signpost available support, and challenge the stigma surrounding mental health.

Find out more at:

Sunday Assembly


Sunday Assembly London is part of a global, secular community that celebrates life, and everyone is welcome.

Find out more at:


Quarantine FM

QFM gave us our first platform to share our podcasts, they have since stopped being on air but are a wonderful innovative radio station. 

Find out more here:


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