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Resting Place

The haiku to finish out Dreams for Green collection written by Ellie Douglass.

We cannot believe we are saying this but...this is the LAST poem (of the first half) of our glorious DREAMS FOR GREEN project 😱😱😱⁠ and we couldn't be finishing with a more beautiful or perfect piece, this haiku by Ellie Douglass is about her dream of green burial and eco-friendly ways of relating to end of life care. ⁠ ⁠

We think it is the perfect and concise ending to all the hopes and dreams you have shared with us throughout this collection, and that we hope you continue to share with us! ⁠ ⁠ This piece was read by Sam Wilkes Rebekah Bacon,⁠ and Gemma Smith and sound designed by Nathan Williams ⁠ with video design by Leonora Nicholson.

This artwork was created by Jaine Rose who was inspired by the time it takes to stitch and the thoughts about time and life cycles in this Haiku.

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