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The Fourth Circle

A poem inspired by Covid artwork by @noragazzar- visit their page for more amazing work!

Written by Theo Hung read by Dan Sadler, Louise Dalton and Dominic Short

Sound Designed by Natan Williams.

We hope you enjoy this ominous poems and it transports you somewhere elsewhere ☁️

Scroll down for the artwork, video and interview with the poet.

Here is the artwork that inspired the poem, where the whole thing started...

We are really luck to have talked to the poet Theo Hung who wrote this poem, we asked him some questions and these where his answers!

What inspired you about the artwork? 

'When I first looked at the artwork, with the mountain of tissue on one persons back it was around the time when the news was broadcasting a lot of events about people hoarding supplies. I also personally experienced this when I went back to London from Cardiff going to the shops for the first time was very stressful, seeing everyone frantically getting supplies. So from that moment I knew from that moment that I wanted to write a poem about greed. So the artwork stimulus was very on point.'

What was your process for writing the poem? 

Having decided on the big theme of greed and wanting to personify greed in some way, I spent some time doing research on greed as a concept and I wanted in some ways to tell a story of some kind from the very supposed beginning to what greed has been to what it has evolved to now. Hence the mythological and historical figures leading, hopefully to a more relatable feeling for modern audiences. I drew a mind map and picked a few references from history and read literary works like Dante's Inferno to get a good feeling of how greed was described. I wrote a first draft and more or less became the poem we hear now. 

What did you think of the final product, how was it similar or different from what you imagined?  

I think as an artist and writer we all have a certain perception of what our work is 'supposed' to sound like. I believe that every person reading the poem will have their own perception of what it sounds like in their head as well. There is no wrong answer, the moment it leaves my hands it is up to the readers interpretation. Personally, although the final product differed to what I envisaged the poem to sound like but nonetheless it was a faithful interpretation. 

And here is the poem, video, sound design and readings all combined!

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