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Sweet and Sour

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Written by Jasmine Williams

Read by Tyla Thomas,

summerinside_poetry and Donal Finn Sound Design by Felix Nicholson

Artwork by Yiwen Lin

Jasmine has written two poems for this Pandemic season and both are beautifully thoughtful. Make sure to check out “Corona with a Slice of Lime” as well.

We were beyond touch to read Jasmine’s response to watching the recording and video! This is nail on the head what Unheard is about and we are so grateful to all of our collaborators who help to make moments like this happen!

So we’d like to send a round of applause out to everyone who follows, supports and gets involved in our projects. Thankyou for helping us build such a meaningful and impactful poetry and community.

“For both poems [Sweet and Sour and Corona with a Slice of Lime]: I wrote them as a means to express my contrasting feelings regarding coronavirus and to put things in perspective. It was a good way for me to acknowledge my privileged position in all of this and to appreciate the struggle of others and think of ways we can all help each other more in general because the problems we hear of are always there it has just taken some of our privileges being removed to open our eyes to the rest of the world.

My response to this [the video and soundscape] is that I almost cried! The voices were perfect and captured the emotion wonderfully and the art just fits & is beautiful”

-Jasmine Williams

If you would like to get involved in Unheard, please don’t hesitate to send us a message or simply follow us @Unheard___poetry to keep track of all our latest projects for your enjoyment!

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