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Pride and Protest: Nature and (Dis) Harmony

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

By Lizzie Knott

When I see the title of this blog, Nature & dis(harmony),I immediately think of the term ‘nature vs nurture’. I grew up in battle with myself when it came to my sexuality. Nature was telling me to think about girls, to be drawn in by the way their hair bounced and I was intrigued by the floral scent that followed them. Whereas nurture, from society and upbringing, completely juxtaposed this.I was constantly trying to convince myself to swoon over boys, their muddy knees after a game of football, their confidence and quite often arrogance, compared to the softness of girls that surrounded me.

This led to disharmony within myself. Friction, conflict and hostility, all words used to describe this term. And it wasn’t until I truly began to nurture myself, instead of allowing myself to be nurtured by society, that I truly found harmony. Nature and harmony came to fruition and I was glowing. I allowed myself to follow my heart, fall in love (and out of love) with girls who made me excited. It felt like a constant firework display and I didn’t feel numb anymore. I set myself free and learnt so much about myself that I was holding back and I grew and grew and now I’m sat here today. Able to tell my story. Of course, I was in a safe position which allowed me to nurture my heart and not all queer youth can say this. But I truly hope that in your own time, you feel harmony and your sexuality, gender-identity or self-expression can be embraced.


This very special poem is part of our Nature and (Did) harmony theme 🏞️


Focus written by Harry Brown l, read gorgeously by Peter Heenan Christopher Lee Fredrick Naomi Paul and Isis D'Ascol. Sublime sound design by @iambigchaz

And artwork by Conor Cupples


Social media is a weird place but let's try to use it as a place for kindness and gifts, share this with someone and let us know who and why bellow 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙


this beautiful poem is such a glorious ode to self love and acceptance which is what we need in the dark days of winter, have a listen to pep yourself up!

Written by the wonderful Conor Cupples

Read by Sam Oliver and Naomi Paul

Sound by the ever ace Charlie Foran

Art work soon to come by Adam Davis

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