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In the Time of Pandemic

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Written by Kitty O'Meara

Read by Tyla Thomas, Shannen McNeice, Mark Paterson, Andrew Edmonds and Pip Henderson.

Album Artwork by Emma-Jane Weeks

Sound Design by Tom Hutch

We were lucky enough to collaborate with the wonderful Kitty, who kindly allowed us to use her poem. This poem has been shared a lot in relation to the current Pandemic and we hope that our version allows people to see it and hear it in new ways.

This collaboration is cross continental but no matter the distance we all shared the belief that at this time poetry is more important than ever, it can keep us human, safe and sane. To read more of Kitty's work please follow this link:

The meaning of poetry changes with every reader, with every listener, with every reread and reread again. This is the beauty of language and why it is so important to share our words as they reach and touch every person differently. This is why Unheard get so excited about releasing our work and why we love to get so many people involved in every poem. Artists Insights.

In light of this, we have decided to find out more about how everyone interprets the poetry we release.


To start off we have asked the artist who created work for this poem about their work and how they interpreted the poem...

“This poem resonated with me because it felt hopeful, and hope is what we all need right now. Hope for the people suffering, hope for the workers keeping going tirelessly to keep everyone looked after, but most importantly, hope for the future.

There’s this idea of rejuvenation and a focus on the good that could come out of this. Specifically for the planet and this is what inspired my work.

The fabrics and threads that I chose to use have this tactile feel and vibrancy that I feel captures the beauty of the planet and the beauty that we should be working to restore. It’s like we’re all reconnecting with what’s important. I think to me, that’s what the poem is about.”

- Emma-Jane Weeks

This poem is part of 'Pandemic Poetry' a project for bringing together writers, readers and artists in this time of isolation.

Please get in touch if you would like to be involved.

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