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Desired Embrace

Here we are at the end of our Pandemic Poetry series, and what a way to end with this beautiful hopeful poem about when we can hug again!⁠ I, for one, cannot wait until hugging is safe again but for now I guess we will have to compensate with kind words, (can you write a poem which is like a hug? Send it to all the ones you love!!) ⁠

This poem was written by the excellent Katie Rutson ⁠

The video is by Zoe Brennan who kindly gave the video a go and came up with this beutyyy (let us know if you want to too) ⁠

Art work by the incredibly talented @xantheburdett

Read by these beauties Tori Hargreaves , Izzy Hatton, Jasmine Williams Theo Hung and Katie Rutson

Embellished by fantastic sound design by Cameron Mcbain⁠

⁠ We have some really exciting things coming up, and they would not be possible with out y'all so if you can't hug someone else hug yourself cause your great and don't forget (does that rhyme, does it not, does it matter?!) ⁠

Art work by the incredibly talented @xantheburdett

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