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Corona with a Slice of Lime

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Written by Jasmine Williams

Read by Donál Finn, Tyla Thomas, summerinside_poetry and Ben Walker

Artwork by Looce

Sound Design by Nathan Williams

Check out this incredible poem written by Jasmine Williams and some fascinating insights into the artists response!

“My illustration is based off a great topical poem. I'm lucky to have come back to the countryside from where I am usually. We seem to be secluded in our own bubble that, when the sun shines, can be a perfect distraction from what's happening -until we turn on the news. However, others are not as lucky as I am.

I've always had a simplistic colourful illustration style that contrasts with the global pandemic we are living in. The main character 'Purple Girl' is repeated through the cloud in varying positions. I wanted to portray how everyone is born onto this planet the same, it is only due to hierarchy and social status that we are brought up differently. However, during these times this particular disease does not discriminate. It does not judge based on your income, upbringing or your materialistic goods, it is all-consuming. Despite this, as the poet describes 'No coolness to dull the burn of fear' implies how different groups of society are more heavily effected than others. Yet, as portrayed by the differing movements from the Purple Girl's, no one has an answer to the bewildering question -When will this end? We are all in the same metaphorical boat -we are all but humans in different clothes.

There is only one way out, hence the ladder, but where it leads and how we get there, we do not know. Most people's panic has come from uncertainty, but our cumulative uncertainty should come as some comfort, we are all in this together, a unity, the first time I have seen the World come together collectively since I've been alive. We need both sunshine and rain in life for growth, yin and yang. I hope this drawing brings some comfort to those who are feeling disconnected from reality, we are more united than we have ever been.

Ironically, I've always disliked lime in corona and now I have two reasons not to have it!”


If you would like to be involved, please do get in touch, we are so excited to meet you and collaborate with you! Check out the artwork and video below!

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