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Colour Canvas

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Colour Canvas by Alessandra Hồng Duyên Zavagno

Today we are so happy to share our penultimate poem for the first part of the BLM series: "Colour Canvas" written and read by the wonderful Alessandra Hồng Duyên Zavagno accompanied by a stunning visual also made by Alessandra Hồng Duyên Zavagno and Leonora Nicholson , along with a beautiful sound design by Karum Cooper . This collaboration also includes a great piece of artwork by Leah Jeanne (@leahjeanneart). Go and check out all of these amazing individuals for some fabulous content

Sometimes it's hard to know your place in the world as a non-white individual, but after hearing this beautifully written poem, we hope you are further inspired to find beauty and comfort in your own skin.

by Leah Jeanne

Learning is a continuous process and @bameeducation is a fantastic page to add to your educational collection if you are interested 🔎

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