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'Cheers', Boris

Written by Kai Hopkins Read by Katie Rutson, Sam Oatey, Leonora Nicholson, AJ simmons, OdhranMcNulty Sound Design by @iambigchaz Artwork by Emily Pinch

The government and government policy has and will always be a source of discussion, debate and conflict in our society. It is important to remember at times like these that despite our differences, we are all standing together with a common enemy and a common goal, to beat this virus!

Whether you agree with Boris’ approach to beating Covid19 or not, remember it is okay to change your mind about how you feel, and to change your mind again. It is okay to talk about it and listen and understand other people’s views and at the end of it still feel the same way.

The important thing at the moment is for us to unite as human beings and to stay strong and supportive of each other regardless of our differences in political views and other differences that we hold.

From the author of this poem we have a little insight here into how some of his views have changed since he wrote the poem:

“I’m feeling somewhat contentious about what I wrote as the thoughts came from Boris not acting quick enough upon the situation, which left me and many others in a very uncertain times, since my writing of this, Boris has acted amazingly and I am thankful like many, but for a month prior, I was jobless due to my restaurants choice to close and unknowing of my wage situation.”

-Kai Hopkins

However you feel or believe, we hope you have enjoyed listening and watching this piece and that it has made you think.

If you have a response that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you on our Instagram page, drop a comment on one of the posts for this poem! @Unheard___Poetry

We hope you are staying safe and well. If you would like to be involved in any of our future projects let us know! If you have any poetry you have written inspired by the Pandemic we would love to hear them and share them in our second run of our Pandemic project, planned for later on this year!

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