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We are so excited to share our second poems of our BLM series by the brilliant Myia Khela

Read by the fantastic voices of Jasmine Williams, Ashleigh Awusie and Kwami-Teye Canacoo ⁠

Tremendous artwork by ⁠multi-talented Ashleigh Awusie

Splendid sound design ⁠Karum Cooper (Insta:@webmoms) who has done the sound design for every poem of this series and does some amazing other work, so go check out his stuff! ⁠

This poem, like our first, asks some big questions about our assumptions that people make. We wouldn't simplify ourself for anyone, so why should anyone be able to do that others? To think more about the stories we tell go follow this amazing page: ⁠@diversifyournarrative

Artwork by Ashleigh Awusie

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