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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Written by Petros Kourtellaris Read by Emily Behague, Joshua Gilbert and George Callcut Artwork by Anonymous Sound Design by Chirs Galler

This poem is part of 'Pandemic Poetry' a project for bringing together writers, readers and artist in this time of isolation. Please get in touch if you would like to be involved.

We are super lucky to share with you an interview with the artist for this poem.

How did the poem influence you and your artwork and how did it make you feel?

'The imagery of isolation and worry and water in the pipes and not drinking and otters in a stream felt like this shifting mass of water. It also gives the feeling of being in the eye of a storm with the debris of glitter and the concern of his internal voices.'

What material and textures did you choose to use and why?

'Charcoal felt moody and cold, it is similar to ink, tonal and dramatic.'

Describe the images you depicted in in this scene?

I wanted to show someone in isolation going through the emotions and paranoia at this time embracing the Imagery in the text and pushing it further. I wanted to show how the author finds comfort in technology like so many of us do. The water floods and threatens the image and the dim light of a laptop dispels some but not all of the impending crash of a wave.

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