Common Threads

Dress yourself in words, with Unheard. 

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The Process

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The Project!

Phase 1: 

Poetry Workshops! - These will run in London, Cardiff and fingers crossed in Bristol too if we raise enough money from all our wonderful supporters!

The workshops will explore themes of walking and the streets and will end with you creating tiles of writing that will all be printed onto fabric and stitched together to form a coat! 

Phase 2:

This is the bit where our creative associate E-J will combine all of the poetry we have been submitted through the workshops into the coat. The coat will become a symbolisation of collaboration between all of the writers involved and will be a way to present poetry in a new way to hopefully reach new audiences.

Phase 3:

Utilising some of the funding we will be able to commission a few creatives to create a piece of art, be it photography, film or maybe a dance piece! As long as it involves the coat and is titled "common threads" the floor is open! 

Phase 4: 

We will exhibit the pieces created in real life in as many spaces as possible as well as sharing the work across our platforms!

Sign up for Workshop

How you can get involved and support us...

Whether you are a seasoned poetry pro or are just picking up a pen for the first time, this project has a place for you!

Click the link below to sign up for one of our workshops!

If you would like to be involved in creating a piece of art with the coat then email us at to start the conversation or message us on our socials!