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Common Threads

Common Threads is Unheard's first textural project. It was made possible by a Crowdfunder. 

We are taking multi-media to the next level and weaving your poetry into a coat made with poetry from across the UK.

Inspired by our mission to make poetry more accessible, we are striving to put poetry in unexpected places and this time that unexpected place will be a coat!  


This project has taken us across the country and into different disciplines, we want to share this story and procsess with you, find out more bellow. 


bringing poetry and 

People together



From April 2022-September 2023 Unheard ran monthly events in Leytonstone, London. 

We felt incredible lucky to have collaborated with creatives to bring these events to life. 

All though these events are finished for now, we are eager to hear feedback for those who where involved in the event. If you attended a event, we would love to hear your feedback, find info bellow: 

We also want to commemorate these special events and have uploaded the photos and videos for anyone who wishes to use them. 

Final Live night poster.png
Live Nights

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We know that those who have been involved in Unheard so far feel supported by
our projects and have relished in becoming a part of our growing community.Testimonials from hundreds of our collaborators prove it:

"I love an excuse to make art too, I don't feel like I have enough inspiration to get started usually so this is great!"

Pandemic Poetry Participant

"I'm so honoured to have been part of it, what a cool project"

Common Threads Participant


"It was my first experience performing poetry, I gained that experience as well as the sense of community they fostered"

Live Nights Performer

If you have participated in one of our projects and would like to leave some feedback click

If you have performed at one of our events and would like to leave feedback click

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